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Quality Urgent Care is one of the most established and prestigious care facilities in the state of Texas. With four different locatiions, Quality UC offers service to a vast, diverse population of San Antonio. Due to a high volume of patients, Quality UC is hiring for highly-qualified industry professionals in the areas of office staff, billing specialists and medical providers.

Careers with Quality Urgent Care provide staff members with all the keys necessary to thrive in a dynamic, ever-evolving and fast-paced environment – one in which they can use their education and training to the utmost of their abilities.

Applicants are required to complete a pre-screening questionnaire prior to submitting their resumes, ensuring that all candidates are some of the most practiced in the market. For more information on open positions in your field, please see the descriptions below.

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Performs any combination of following duties under direction of physician to assist in examination and treatment of patients:

  • Interviews patients
  • measures vital signs, for example, pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure, weight, and height, and records information on patients’ charts.
  • Prepares treatment rooms for examination of patients.
  • Drapes patients with covering and positions instruments and equipment as needed.
  • Hands instruments and materials to doctor as directed.
  • Cleans and sterilizes instruments as needed.
  • Inventories medical supplies and materials.
  • Operates electrocardiograph (EKG), and other equipment to administer routine diagnostic test or calls medical facilities to continue patient care.
  • Gives injections or treatments, and performs routine laboratory tests.
  • Be able to construct splints as needed when directed by a physician.
  • May also key data into computer to maintain office and patient records.

The scope of work will contain but will not be limited to the above mention.

Primary Job Duties:
  • Perform complete physical exams and assessments of patients including urgent, emergent, and non‐urgent
  • Select, order, perform and interpret tests, analyses, and diagnostic images to provide information on patient
    condition and augment physical findings.
  • Analyze reports and findings of tests to diagnose patient.
  • Prescribe or administer treatment, therapy, medication, vaccination, and other specialized medical care to
    treat or prevent illness and injury.
  • Perform procedures including but not limited to, laceration repair, orthopedics, and provide referrals to medical specialists.
  • Explain procedures and discuss test results and prescribed treatments with patients.
  • Notate findings and treatment course in patient chart including follow‐up notes.
Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
  • Supervisory and administrative work managing the insurance and other reimbursement functions of the organization.
  • Follow-up to any problems that arise with third-party payers and collections.
  • Exercises general supervision over employees in the Billing Department and manage the department within the established budget
  • Work is performed in an office environment and requires both desk and counter work. Frequent contact with patients and third party payers. Contact may involve dealing with angry people.
  • Manages the filing and resolution of claims with individual carriers or agencies. Insures maximum reimbursement through settlement negotiations.
  • Monitors change in the medical insurance industry and adjusts operating procedures accordingly. Aggressively pursues cost reimbursement through settlement negotiations.
  • Reviews and evaluates health insurance claim policies and procedures for insurance plans. Develops new procedures with the Administrator and the appropriate committee to improve the quality and quantity of work processed.
  • Monitors and evaluates monthly insurance reimbursement compliance and budgets.
  • Maintains and updates lists of insurance carriers and employers.
  • Solves difficult insurance claims problems.
  • Responsible for follow-up on unpaid claims and collections of unpaid balances.
  • Acts as resource to physicians, administrator and others, regarding health insurance claim policies and procedures for all types of insurance plans.
  • Supervises, trains and orients assigned personnel. Evaluates performance and recommends merit increases, promotions, and disciplinary actions.
  • Initiates and answers pertinent correspondence. Prepares and writes reports. Maintains required records and files.
  • Maintains knowledge of and complies with established policies and supplies.
  • Attends required meetings and participates in committees as requested and participates in professional development activities.
  • Evaluates patient financial status and established budget payment plans.
  • Works with patients and staff to resolve payment problems.
  • Performs related work as required.
Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
  • Use beam-restrictive devices and patient-shielding skills to minimize radiation exposure to patient and staff.
  • Move x-ray equipment into position and adjust controls to set exposure factors, such as time and distance.
  • Position patient on examining table and adjust equipment to obtain optimum view of specific body area requested by physician.
  • Document patient responses during procedures.
  • Assume care for physical and psychological needs of patient during examinations.
  • Explain procedures to patient to reduce anxieties and obtain patient cooperation.
  • Ensure that film is adequate for physician’s needs by developing and reviewing film before giving to physician.
  • Strives to reduce retakes and conservation of supplies.
  • File films.
  • Provide orientation to new Radiology Technicians concerning proper operating procedures and safety hazards of equipment.
  • Responsible for x-ray machine maintenance that maintains equipment at optimum operating levels.
  • Maintain adequate levels of supplies.
  • Clean equipment.
  • Report all undesirable matters, services, and facilities requiring correction to the Director of Clinical Services.
  • Comply with all HIPAA regulations to maintain patient’s right to privacy by not discussing privileged information outside the work area and preserving the patient’s dignity at all times.
  • Pursues self-improvement through becoming familiar with new procedures.
  • Prepares patient for and assists with examinations in a manner which promotes the delivery of high quality patient focused health care services.
  • Administers injections and medications (when appropriately trained) and dresses wounds and incisions.
  • Interprets physician’s instructions to patients.
  • Maintain records of vital statistics and other pertinent patient data.
  • Clean and sterilize instruments and equipment.
  • Maintain stock of supplies in patient rooms.
  • Transport patients or assist patients to walk.
  • Clean clinical areas and change bed linens.
  • Conduct specified laboratory tests and documents appropriately.
  • Assist front office staff to perform receptionist and clerical duties to ensure efficient and effective patient flow.
  • Report all undesirable matters, services and facilities requiring correction to the Director of Clinical Services.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
  • Greet patients, families and visitors to the facility. Notify personnel of patient’s arrival.
  • Escorts patient or arranges for escort to assigned room or station, and keeps patients advised if excessive waiting time.
  • Assists in coordination of patient flow.
  • Conducts interviews of patients and/or representatives to obtain and record name, address, age, persons to notify in case of emergency, attending physicians, and individual or insurance company responsible for payment of bill.
  • Assists patients with paperwork and explains practice policies.
  • Enters patient admitting information into computer and routes printed copy to department.
  • Telephone communication both internally and externally. Answer phones timely and professionally. Relay information in an accurate, concise manner.
  • Serve as a source of information/communication for patients, families, visitors, facility personnel.
  • Call insurance companies to verify benefits.
  • Inform patients of their anticipated financial liability.
  • Enter appropriate information into the computer system.
  • Checks out patients, collects money, gives receipt and balances cash flow.
  • Prepare patient charts, identification labels and identification bracelets.
  • Files charts and all documents and correspondence.
  • Maintain medical records and review for completeness, assemble records into standard order and file records in designated areas according to applicable alphabetic and numeric filing systems.
  • Receives payment on account and performs necessary accounting duties in accordance with the standard procedures of the Center.
  • Maintains adequate inventory of supplies by preparing and submitting requisition to Center’s lead.
  • Respond to requests for information from medical records file, then locate, sign out and deliver medical records requested by physicians.
  • Operate computer to enter and retrieve data and type correspondence and reports.
  • File results of laboratory tests and other procedures to records.
  • Scan materials or copy records and examine materials for legibility.
  • Comply with all HIPAA regulations to maintain patient rights to privacy by not discussing privileged information outside the work area and preserving the patients’ dignity at all times.
  • Perform other office functions as directed by the Office Manager.
  • Assists in patient satisfaction surveys.
  • Participate in pertinent educational programs and facility meetings. Brings operational topics to management’s attention prior to meetings.
  • Report all undesirable matters or services requiring correction to the Director of Clinical Services.
  • Sees that physical properties of office are kept in good state of repair, monitors security policies of clinic and reports status to appropriate person.
Other Responsibilities:
  • Understand, promote and operate by company vision and values, goals, objectives and strategies.
  • Help other employees to accomplish Center goals.
  • Promote harmony, teamwork, leadership, supervisory and employee relations through example.
  • Participate in training, orientation and staff development programs.
  • Comply with all HIPAA regulations to maintain patient rights to privacy by not discussing privileged information outside the work area and preserving the patients’ dignity at all times.