Fireworks on the Fourth

Four Ways to Celebrate Safely

Families and friends look for fun ways to celebrate the Fourth of July.  The Fourth of July can be full of food and activities but one element can make or break the success of this beloved holiday.

 Fireworks are the holiday’s most colorful expression of national pride, highly anticipated by many. However, firework accidents can happen when explosives are in the wrong hands, no matter how big or small. To enjoy the Fourth free of firework accidents, there are several important things to keep in mind.

 1. Make sure your fireworks are legal

 Check the specifics of firework ownership and usage in your county. Avoid fireworks packaged in brown paper as well as fireworks with unmarked packaging. Legal fireworks are labeled with directions and the manufacturer’s name.

 Obey City Limits

 It is also important that the purchase, use, or transport of fireworks is illegal within the city limits of San Antonio. Large firework accidents happen when they are lit within a close range of homes having many trees or flammable materials.

 2. Basic safety measures

 Never light fireworks indoors–instead, find a large, open space outdoors and point the fireworks away from people and buildings. In order to prevent firework accidents, fireworks should be lit one at a time, and never re-lit, even if they fail to light on the first try.

 Prepare Your Surroundings

 Always keep water or a fire extinguisher on hand as immediate backup when setting off fireworks. Before lighting, fireworks should be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid any future accidents. After lighting, they should be soaked in cold water for two hours before being thrown away.

 3. Watch children and pets around fireworks

 Young children should never be allowed around fireworks, even small ones. Sparklers, although they may seem safe, can burn at 2,000 degrees and account for 1 in 4 of all firework accidents that result in emergency room visits, according to the National Safety Council. Be sure to consider the sensitive ears of young ones as well as pets when shooting off fireworks, as the loud sounds can be shocking and frightening.

 4. In the event of an injury

 If a firework accident does occur, it is important to assess the situation and go directly to the emergency room if the injury is serious. If the burn is larger than the palm of the hand or occurs near the eyes, ears, nose, fingers, or toes, then it’s best to seek immediate medical assistance.

 Care for Minor Burns

 For mild burns, remove any clothing or jewelry from the area that is not stuck to the skin. Be sure not to break any blisters. Apply cool water to the burned area for 15 minutes, then cover with a clean, dry cloth or sheet until help arrives.

 Celebrate safely!

Be sure to enjoy the Fourth while practicing caution and making sure to prevent firework accidents. Be careful, and remember that Quality Urgent Care of America is always open for you in the event of an accident- even on the Fourth of July.

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