Monoclonal Antibody Therapy 

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Monoclonal Antibody Therapy In San Antonio 

Here at Quality Urgent Care, we have been looking for safe and effective treatments for Covid-19 symptoms to help slow the spread of the virus here in San Antonio. When monoclonal antibody therapy was given Emergency Use authorization by the Food and Drug Administration, we brought our patients access to the Covid-19 antibody treatment. Talk to a healthcare provider today to see if you qualify for this treatment by scheduling a telehealth visit today.

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Regen-CoV is proven to help you battle Covid-19 symptoms

The COVID-19 Treatment received FDA Approval (Emergency use authorization EUA) in November of 2020. The Regen-CoV treatment has undergone multiple clinical testing trials by Regeneron. Regeneron reported 70 percent of patients who took Regen-CoV supported their immune system, leading to better recovery of Covid-19 symptoms.

Recently, the Regional Advisory and San Antonio University Health System has made claims that monoclonal antibody therapy is underused. Like University Hospital, we strive to spread awareness and access to Regen-CoV while preventing hospitalizations.

To get more information about Regen-CoV, check out the FDA fact sheet or NIH guidelines for Covid-19 treatment.

Quality Urgent Care can ease your worries when you’re diagnosed with Covid-19.

Here at Quality Urgent Care, we know that finding out that you have Covid-19 can be alarming. Our goal is to keep our patients out of the hospital. If you think you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, visit us to get tested today. If you have tested positive for Covid-19 or want to see if you qualify for treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Quality Urgent Care is excited to offer San Antonio, TX, and surrounding areas access to Covid-19 antibody therapy regional infusion centers. With five convenient locations in San Antonio, Schertz, Potranco, Pleasanton, and Palo Alto, we offer accessible treatment for Covid-19 symptoms.

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The following medical conditions (or other factors) may place adults and pediatric patients (age 12-17 years and weighing at least 40kg) at high risk for developing mild to moderate symptoms: 

  • Older age (for example, age 65 years or older)
  • Obesity or being overweight (for example, BMI > 25) 
  • Chronic kidney disease 
  • Diabetes 
  • Immunosuppressive disease or treatment
  • Heart disease or hypertension
  • Chronic lung disease
  • Sickle cell disease 
  • Neurodevelopmental disorder

These pre-existing conditions that put you at high risk may qualify you for treatment. However, It is ultimately up to your healthcare provider to decide if you need treatment of mild to moderate Covid-19 symptoms.

If you have received a COVID-19 vaccine, you might still be eligible for Regen-CoV monoclonal antibody therapy. Wait 90 days after the Regen-CoV treatment and consult a health care professional before getting a Covid-19 vaccine. Click here if you would like to schedule a vaccine with us at Quality Urgent Care.

Yes, depending on their risk for moderate to severe symptoms, children may be eligible for treatment. To be considered for treatment, the child must be at least 12 years of age or older. Schedule a consultation appointment with a healthcare provider to see if Regen-CoV is right for your child.

The single-dose treatment of Regen-CoV can be administered through intravenous infusion or a shot injection to covid positive patients. The treatment can last up to 2.5 hours, so patients are encouraged to dress comfortably.

Currently, the Regen-CoV treatment is covered by most insurance plans. Before any treatment occurs, ask one of our staff members to check if you have any deductibles or fees. To see a complete list of our insurance partners, click here.

Speak with your health care professional about potential infusion reactions such as allergic reactions. Consult this Medical News Today resource for information about Regen-CoV. Additionally, look into this article published by the San Antonio Report. It gives an overview of what the introduction of Regen-CoV means for the health of the San Antonio community.